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UK Bebras Challenge 2018 Finals
2nd February 2019 - Elites
3rd February 2019 - Seniors
16th February 2019 - Intermediates
17th February 2019 - Juniors

A few students have been invited to Oxford on the dates shown above.

Further Information:

The aim of the Challenges:
Solve as many problems as you can in 40 minutes. (45mins for finals)
You are not expected to finish!

The problems come in three levels of difficulty: A, B and C.
The "A" problems are the easiest. "C" problems the hardest.
You can find a problem's difficulty in the problem overview before you click on it.  The difficulty of a problem determines how it will be scored.

The scoring rules are as follows:

Difficulty Correct Incorrect Unanswered
A +6 points 0 points 0 points
B +9 points -2 points 0 points
C +12 points -4 points 0 points

Supplementary rules for finals
Medal winners will be decided by applying these criteria, in order, as necessary:
1. Top score
2. Least questions wrong
3. Most "C" problems solved
4. Most "B" problems solved
5. Shortest time taken

Want to practise?
Click on the Challenges tab above and take part in any of the past challenges shown. (No login required.)

Ready to get started?
Login with the username and password provided by your teacher then click on the Challenges tab in the top menu, choose the right challenge and... enjoy!


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